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Being Genuine In Communication

For the last few months we, as a family, have been visiting schools as Megan prepares to leave year six and start a new school.

Last week we went to see one of the schools, it has a good reputation and good results.

The headmaster gave a fifteen minute talk on the school and the benefits of sending your child to the school. The talk was for parents and children and the hall was very busy.

After about 2 minutes of the talk I began to switch off, get fidgety and zone out. As I looked around the hall I could see others were doing the same.

"Interesting", I thought. "What is it that is making me feel so disassociated from this man".

As I was pondering this question the answer hit me square between the eyes. I didn't believe he believed in what he was telling me. Now of course I am probably doing him a disservice here as he might well believe in and be passionate about his school.

From my point of view the words were being said but I didn't feel any passion. There was no connection, slides telling me how wonderful the school was, yet no enthusiasm coming through.

There could of course be a number of reasons for this. That's not the point though, the point is unless you are passionate and enthusiastic and believe in your product, whatever that is, it won't sell if people don't believe you.

This includes YOU. Every time you have an interaction you are selling yourself. Do you believe in you?

Perhaps you can relate to when someone has said "sorry" or "thank you" and you just didn't feel it. Maybe even "I love you", but it didn't ring true.

Be honest and genuine in all you do because people will see right through you if you're not.

Words matter use them wisely.

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