Nicky Perfect

is an internationally renowned expert trainer, specialising in communication, negotiation and influencing skills. She has taught professionals world-wide how to maximise their ability to improve relationships through communication. Nicky has extensive experience delivering high impact training in the UK and is internationally recognised as an expert in her field. Nicky's expertise includes training groups and individuals in hostage and crisis negotiation; siege and conflict management; psychology; active listening; risk assessments; values and beliefs; unconscious bias; team work and team building.

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In 1998, I was at the lowest point of my life. Suffering from a serious back injury and in a mentally abusive relationship. I was told I would never run or work in my chosen career again. I lost a close friend through cancer and had no direction. Thankfully, I had some great friends and colleagues who listened, without judgement and supported me to get back on my feet.
I have had an incredible career and have met many inspirational people. The single most important thing I have learnt is that we all have a story and at some stage in our lives we need to be heard.

My purpose is to help as many people as possible improve their ability to communicate.

Communication is the foundation of any relationship. As one of my inspirations, Maya Angelou, once said "people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Nicky is a fully trained Neuro-linguistic practitioner, holds a further education training certificate, is a UK trained negotiator and has extensive experience of leading and implementing change across the public sector.

EMCC Business Coach and Mentor


Nicky has coached senior leaders, teams and individuals across private and public service. She is an expert trainer to graduates, under-represented groups, middle and senior management. Nicky is able to work with you as an individual or as a group and will tailor her package to suit your individual needs.

Internationally Trained Negotiator


Nicky has trained the FBI in Quantico and has delivered training across the world in countries such as Oman, Norway, Kenya, Philippines, London, Edinburgh and the USA.

Expert Speaker


Nicky has delivered presentations across the globe to a wide variety of audiences. Her previous clients include the Home Office, the NHS, BAA, The Princes' Trust, IPCC, Hear Us, the MPS and London Lifeboat Teams

We are here to support, develop, encourage and educate you and your staff. We will work with you to design and deliver a bespoke package that suits your individual requirements and budget. Our mission is to deliver world-class training to change and disrupt the way people think about how they communicate. We aim to maximise your potential and will not rest until we have made a difference in your life.