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If you had met me before 2008, you would have encountered someone who never questioned their communication skills. In fact, if you had asked me what my strengths were, I would have said "communication". I based this on my ability to form and maintain relationships and diffuse volatile situations. My views changed when I completed an intensive course to become a hostage and crisis negotiator. It was on this course when I suddenly found my purpose in life. From that moment on, I have dedicated my life to study people, communication and relationships.

I have trained hundreds of professionals across the world to negotiate, influence and communicate. You see, we all know how to communicate, learnt conversation is easy, BUT Powerful, Purposeful, Empowering Communication is a skill.

What you say matters. Good dialogue can lead, inspire, energise and empower others. Bad dialogue can cause confusion, insecurity and apathy.

It is my vision to shape Powerful, Purposeful Conversation through sharing my internationally acclaimed training with you.


How we can help you

We offer a range of training courses and can work with you to design and deliver bespoke packages guaranteed to meet and exceed your needs!

Group Bonding

Communication Training for Relationships

Whether you are a teacher, parent, coach, service provider or business professional we will show you how to improve your relationships through powerful communication. Learn about the barriers to successful relationships and how to overcome them.

Public Speaker

Communication for Leaders

Build self-confidence and empower yourself to succeed through understanding yourself and others. We will work with you to create a pathway to enable you to maximise your potential and become a better leader.

Happy Businessman

Communication Training for Business

Improve customer satisfaction, increase client referrals and get the best out of your staff. Learn the key steps to powerful, empowering, purposeful conversations.

Designer in Studio

Communication Training for Self Growth

Looking for promotion, a new job, want to improve your interview skills, perhaps you've got a big presentation coming up. Whatever the situation, we can help. Bespoke, one to one training, delivered face to face, over the phone or via email. We've got the knowledge and experience to guide and empower you to succeed.

Personal Trainer

Communication for Personal Trainers

We can teach you to better understand your clients, their motivators and help identify and breakdown their barriers to change. Maximise client satisfaction and see your business grow.


Keynote Speaker

I provide keynote speeches for organisations large and small. My adaptable style works well with any group. I will show you how to use the skills of a negotiator in everyday situations and guarantee an engaging, interesting and humorous delivery!

Business Growth

Learn to Present like a Pro

I will teach you the skills professional speakers and presenters use. During this training you will grow in confidence and will develop techniques to improve self-awareness and at the conclusion will be able to present like a pro for 30 minutes on a subject of your choice.

Study Group

Communication Training for Coaches

Self-develop and improve your clients overall experience by learning the 8 steps to building rapport, recognise the motivators and influence to achieve goals.

Opening Hours

We are always available via email, phone or on social media.

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