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How to speak with confidence and            feel heard in 4 easy steps

Want to feel confident when you speak and be heard but don't know how?

This course will FINALLY help you feel confident, ask the questions you have always wanted to, have those difficult conversations and most of all BE validated and heard. It uses 4 easy steps so you can get your point across, be listened to and make a change in your life.

So, what can I expect from this course?

Easy to follow guide


Systems & processes you can implement today


Learn what your belief system is and how this affects your communication


Transform the way you feel about you


Learn the conversational skills of an international negotiator


Change the way people view you


Have those difficult conversations


Be confident in any conversation


I am guessing you are here because you can relate to one of these:


Do you feel your opinion and views don't count and no one listens to you?


Are you frustrated at being overlooked because you can't be heard?


Are you worried about having a difficult conversation?


Perhaps you are too nervous to raise your hand to ask a question in meetings or put your idea forward in case you "look stupid" in front of others?


Are your personal relationships suffering because you don't feel like your partner listens to you?


Imagine if you could


Have a step by step guide that shows you how to walk into any situation with confidence. 


Be able to control how you feel in challenging circumstances.


Use  conversational skills to ask questions and clarify what other people mean without having to ask your perceived "stupid" question.


Have a proven framework that allows you to be clear in how you communicate what you want.


And finally to have your voice and opinion heard. 

How does that sound?

Who Is Your Instructor?

Hi I'm Nicky,


For over a decade I was an international hostage & crisis negotiator and had the privilege of sharing in hundreds of conversations and other people's life story.


During this time I worked in some very challenging situations, talking to people who were suicidal or a loved one who had been kidnapped. I had to attend meetings with senior officers and government officials and be confident in how I handled the situation.


I was also the UK Director of Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Training and travelled the world teaching negotiation and communication skills.


During this time I developed a system which allowed me to build relationships in a short period of time, give my point of view in an assertive and confident manner and be heard by others.


I now use those skills to help others.


I have created this product because many of my friends and clients say to me they lack confidence in their ability to communicate with others and this often leaves them feeling frustrated and overlooked.

Nicky Pic.JPG

What you will get.......

4 x workshops with a step by step guide of everything you need to know about         confidence, conversational skills, relationship building and getting your voice heard - value £800

4 x workbooks to accompany the workshops so you can reflect, learn and grow - value £200

2 x opening and closing videos to support you through this journey - value £200


Your investment if you sign up today is £47

(saving £1,153)





Distance Learning

Introduction. In this module we look at the reason behind creating this product, how this course will benefit you and, once you have completed it, how you can use it every day.


In this first module of four I will show you how to become more aware of how you and others behave and how this will benefit you in future conversations and grow your confidence.


Module 2 is all about listening. You will discover how we listen and how you can use this to you advantage in any conversation.


Module 3 is all about the conversational skills you can start implementing straight away to get you the results you want and be more confident.


Module 4 teaches you how put all the skills you have learnt into practice and how you can use them to get what you want, be heard and feel confident in any situation

Read our FAQs


                 Frequently asked questions


                 How long is the course - It will take between 60 - 90 minutes to complete


                 What do I get -  2 x opening and closing videos

                                           4 workbooks

                                           4 workshops


                Can I start straight away? - Once you purchase the course you will receive an email with a link to                       start immediately.


                Can I refer back to the training once it's complete - Yes you have lifetime access


                Is there a refund - This program is full and final and if you implement the steps it will work


                I don't have time - You can complete the course in your own time


                I am not sure I have the skill set - Each module is laid out in easy to follow steps


                I only have a mobile phone - This course is mobile friendly as well as being able to be viewed on any                 computer.


So, what happens next?

This course will be open from 12th March 2021, once you purchase the course you will be sent an email with all the details of your login.

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