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Being Listened to Makes Such a Difference

It's official I am normal - I have had my doubts over the last few months but yesterday the Dr confirmed it.

I skipped down the road towards the tube station, I felt relieved and happy. A weight lifted from my shoulders.

I don't wish to put anyone off reading this post but, as a woman of a certain age, I am experiencing a lack of oestrogen and this is sending me a bit do lally!! I have an extra voice inside my mind, we call her Menopausal Mary at home, sorry if you are called Mary :-)

It's the only way I can describe this person inside my mind who plays with my security, my thoughts and my feelings. Whenever I am behaving oddly or over emotional or snapping for no reason my partner gently asks me if Mary is in the house. Of course if she is I snap back, "no, this is me".

At times I have been quite concerned about my mental health but this is all apparently quite normal. 

My Dr gave me a great listening too today. She let me speak, worked out what my concerns were, was honest, very genuine and explained everything to me in simplistic terms.

I was with her for half an hour and during our time together she made me feel important. She made a big difference to my day. 

Being listened too was all she did, added some practical advice and guidance and away I went.

Life seems so much better and I have a better understanding of Mary - for now anyway 😬

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