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How Relaxing Can Help Your Communication

It’s a week until Christmas Day and the festive holidays are under way here in the UK.

For many it is a time to spend with their families and catch up with friends.

But how can we relax and unwind and all “get on” better when many of us feel tired and overworked?. When we are tired it changes how we respond to each other and we can be snappy or say words we don’t mean.

Here are four tips to help make the holidays a fun and relaxed period:

Have some fun;  psychology research shows laughter  can be the best medicine. When families or couples laugh together it brings them closer. When you feel close to someone you are relaxed in their company, your conversation is easy and less strained.

Turn off your electronic gadgets and be in the moment;  we spend so much time on our phones and laptops responding to emails, texts and social media and have become programmed to react to the beep or vibration. Spending quality time with ourselves or others and not being driven by habit gives us back control and time out to relax. 

Do something different; take yourself out of the normal day to day routine. Play a board game, listen to some music or get out and go somewhere new, even if it’s for a short walk to clear your mind.

Don’t forget to breathe; consciously breathing brings you back into the now and makes you aware of what’s happening. This will help you when you have a busy brain and are always thinking of the next thing you have to do or what’s on the agenda tomorrow.

Enjoy the holiday period and remember to be present, being present helps you to be in control of your emotions, which in turn makes you more conscious of the words you use.

Have a great time and please get in contact if I can help you further.

I have a series of videos on my Facebook page “The Communication Coach”, or you can find me on Twitter @Nickycommscoach.

Words are powerful, use them wisely.


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