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How to achieve your goals

It’s the time of year when everyone is getting ready to set new goals. Perhaps one of these relates to you; Weight loss Getting fitter Earning more money Finding a new home Improving relationships Making more time for friends and family New job Starting your own business Giving up something - cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate Some sort of change We begin the year motivated, fired up, ready to go. We say things to ourselves like, “this year it’s going to be different”. We do well in January, perhaps even into February and then something happens - the quiet voice of sabotage, an illness, an event, whatever it might be but it throws you off track. Before you know what has happened you are back into our old conversations and patterns of behaviour. Why? There are many answers to this question, some psychological, planning and preparation, laziness of the brain, old habits taking over. As you set your goals think of a plan, because the only way to change behaviour is to be prepared, be in control. The great news is you can do this, you know you can, if you write down your previous sabotaging behaviours and the thoughts which have stopped you in the past it will help you think of a way to overcome them. As Dr John De Martini says; “when faced with challenges think of them as events that are on the way and not in the way”. Have a great day Nicky 

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