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Culture and Communication

I have recently returned from abroad, training police officers and prison staff in Hostage and Crisis Negotiation - what an amazing experience.

There was learning from both staff and students and below are some of the things I have taken away from these two weeks I was there.

Most of us are the same emotions wise. We experience similar emotions and what makes us unique is our values, beliefs and experiences.

Students on our course go through the same emotional roller coaster across the world. We take them from learnt conversation to empowering life changing conversation.

Communication is a skill which you only get better at if you practice. It is the one thing we use every day and, in my opinion, not taught enough.

Humans come at life from their own point of view and this impacts how they talk to each other. When you show people this you can see the understanding and once you create awareness and flexibility to change you can achieve amazing things.

We work from a point of view of our culture and upbringing. We can become wrapped up in our own worlds and don't know what we don't know.

Sharing and learning makes such a difference. I have learnt an incredible amount from this trip and will share this with new students enhancing and growing what I do.

Please don't heistate to contact me if I can help you. 

Please share and like if you find this website helpful - the more people who know about this the more relationships can be improved.



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