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Connectivity through communication

John takes a seat on the wall half way up the hill. He is tired after his short walk but the Dr has told him to walk every day if he wants to improve his health. If only Mary were here, he could talk it all through with her. He misses her every day and has done so for the last five years after the wonderful 50 years of marriage they had. 

John often feels lonely. He sighs to himself. He sees a lady walking up the road towards him, nothing remarakable but she stops in front of him. "Hey are you okay, I noticed you stopped for a rest on the wall". "Yes", he replies, " I have to stop as my knees aren't what they used to be". She seems interested and he carries on.

He tells her about his walking, the fact he has been on his own and shares some of his story with her. They probably only talk for about ten minutes.

John stands up, a smile on his face, he has enjoyed the interaction and doesn't feel so alone today. He is pleased he made the effort to get out the house and take a walk.

The lady continues with her day, she thinks about John and is pleased she took time out the check he was okay.

The more I learn about people and seek the answers to how we interact and how important meaningful conversation is, the more I see how connectivity is such a central part of who we are.

A smile, a nod, a sharing in conversation. All of it free and the only effort it takes is time. 

Sometimes we worry what people will think of us and so we don't stop to check in with people. Often we have our own stories going on which consume our lives and thoughts.

We live in a world of social media and I don't feel this is a bad thing at all. It helps us stay in contact and connected on a different level. 

Text messages are a quick and simple way of making sure we stay in touch and show we are thinking of someone. Phone and Skype/FaceTime calls do the same.

There is something about being with someone, no matter how short the time, which adds that extra little bit to the moment.

The more I see and learn the more I feel taking time for each other, no matter how small, makes such a difference.


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